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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Keeping Active on Vacation

Riding Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens
If you were checking the blog over the last week you may have wondered why I suddenly went AWOL.  I was off on vacation with my family!  We spent a week in Williamsburg, VA and had a great time!  Last week was all walking and playing hard, no time for the gym or long hikes.

We split our time between Great Wolf Lodge, Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.  We averaged a little over 5 miles a day of walking.  The lines for the water slides at Great Wolf Lodge were fairly short so there was a lot of stair climbing. My arms and back got a good work-out during numerous rides (and wipe-outs) on their Flowrider® surf simulator.  
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All of my walking at Great Wolf Lodge and Colonial Williamsburg was done barefoot.  Most of the paths at Colonial Williamsburg were stone walkways which were fine for me.  A few paths were made of crushed seashell which became my new barefooting nemesis, but they were short enough for me to manage.  Busch Gardens is quite strict with their shoe policy so I complied by wearing a pair of thin, flat, "barefoot style" sandals at the park.  

Enjoying a carriage ride through the Revolutionary City
It was a great break and a wonderful opportunity to keep active with the whole family.  Now it's back to focused training for the Ultimate Hike.  I missed the first official group hike last weekend while on vacation.  I'm looking forward to meeting up with the other local Ultimate Hikers on our group hike this weekend.


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