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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"You can't play! You're an adult!"

That's what my daughter told me today on the playground when I joined in on a game of tag.

How often as adults do we forget to just play?  Or perhaps we think it's not allowed?  You can't play.  You're an adult. --  But adults can and should play.  Often!  Play is one of the best ways to stay active and enjoy life.

I shared with you a couple of days ago that my own training plan for the Ultimate Hike so far has been: one long hike per week, two strength training days per week and then just try to stay reasonably active the remaining days of the week, taking a rest day when I need it.

So what do I do to stay reasonably active most days of the week?  Usually, I play.

Yesterday it was a fun 8 mile bike ride with my daughter.  Today it was a family outing to a local park with a lake.  My son recently purchased a remote control boat and he couldn't wait to try it out.  Concerned that his new boat might run into trouble away from the shore he asked me if I'd bring my kayak to the lake so I could rescue his boat if needed.

I happily complied with that request and enjoyed paddling around the lake.  My son zoomed his toy boat in circles around me.  I chased the toy, it chased me.  We raced and, predictably, I lost.  The toy boat performed beautifully and was never in need of rescue.

I just lost the race.  (See the little RC boat just ahead of me?)
It took my son about 45 minutes to run out the toy boat's battery.  My husband and children played on the shore while I paddled a little while longer, then we put away the boats and the entire family walked from the lake to the playground.

This is when it feels more like work than play.  Hoisting that 16' kayak onto the roof rack takes some effort (and some help).
I climbed and ran with the kids on the playground.  We laughed and played and all was well -- right up until that game of tag.  I joined in the game and just as I was about to tag my daughter she suddenly decided, "You can't play!  You're an adult!"


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