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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Step Two - Start Training

Or is "start training" step one? I've been thinking about signing up for the Ultimate Hike for several weeks now so I started training back in February with this goal in mind. So perhaps "start training" was step one and "register for the ultimate hike" was step two. Oh, and there's the Ultimate Hike Info Session that is required before registering. I did that last night. So I guess that really was step two.... I'll come in again...

NOBODY expect the Spanish Inquisition! Amongst our steps are...


The Ultimate Hike offers both on-line training support as well as a local training group. My local group officially starts up in April and I'm looking forward to the group hikes. Until then I'm continuing with my own training plan which is: one long hike per week, two strength training days per week and then just try to stay reasonably active the remaining days of the week, taking a rest day when I need it. It turns out, that's basically the same plan suggested in the Ultimate Hike training materials on-line. Good to know I'm already on the right track.

Today was strength training with my personal trainer, Tra (pronounced tray). Yes, that makes him Tra the Trainer -- but he's a really big dude who can deadlift 700 lbs, so you need to say that with respect. Today he had me do several sets of barbell squats, stiff-legged deadlifts and hamstring curls. Then we went outside on this beautiful first day of spring to enjoy the sunshine... and so I could pull a 115 lb sled several times around the parking lot. We finished the workout by pushing a 600 lb tire back and forth to each other, rocking it on it's side. I figured I was safe. If I ended up crushed under the 600 lb tire I was sure that Tra could lift it off of me.

If you're thinking of joining me on the Ultimate Hike this year (and I hope you do!), don't worry. Working out with Tra is not a requirement (though it's certainly not a bad idea). Heck, working out in a gym isn't a requirement. When you sign up for the Ultimate Hike you get access to a "training portal" on their web site with lots of information, including a handout on strength training. They offer a simple, effective routine of 7 body weight exercises that you can do anywhere. The exercises can be adjusted for anyone of any fitness level and you can make the routine harder as you progress.

Or you can go push a tire with Tra.


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